San Francisco - Summer Edition

I've been fortunate to spend a lot of time with my friends around the country over the last few months, and very recently spent three weeks in San Francisco catching up with school friends and making new ones. Living in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade has fueled my appreciation for oceans and coast lines, so I spent a few days exploring the Bay Area scenery and attempting to capture its beauty.

My favorite drive was heading west of Golden Gate on the North Side, towards Point Bonita. I never made it to the lighthouse there, but the bunkers, rolling hills, and beaches made the trip more than worth it. It's pretty safe to say I fell in love with the area. 

Golden Gate Bridge

Muir Beach

I loved being high enough that you could see the changes in water color as it transitions from the ocean to the bay.  

San Francisco from Bonita Cove Bunker

Point Bonita Lighthouse (way out there on the tip)

As I was walking down to the cove, I caught a sailboat passing through a dip in the rocks. 

A cove slightly north of Point Bonita. The sound of the waves on the rocks here was beautiful.