When MAEKAN reached out about a shoot in Palo Alto for an upcoming story, I didn’t know what to expect. I agreed, not realizing who Jason was or how we would spend the entire hour weaving conversation through the photos - touching on his experiences in Portland, Nike, Stanford, and now Playground, where he’s been incubating Super Heroic. I walked away humbled that someone was as open and present as Jason was, and with the desire to be more like that with everyone else I met. As I learned more about Jason, it both made sense and felt even more inspiring.

Borrowing from his story on MAEKAN: “Jason Mayden is somebody that has played a huge role in the influence of youth and sneaker culture. But his humility won’t always let him show it. The former Design Director at Jordan Brand spent the formative years of his career helping shape the post-Michael Jordan era of one of sportswear’s most important brands. Mayden’s interests and desire for challenge eventually led him to Silicon Valley and subsequently, the launch of his own brand focused on “play” for children. Super Heroic is unlike any other brand on the market. It emphasizes a specific type of experience for children, without the constraints of traditional structures. But beyond his desire to reshape the youth experience, he’s also heavily invested in you. Yes, you, the person reading this. Mayden has continually presented himself in the community, as somebody committed to providing direction and courage to seek out your wildest dreams. Because without hopes, dreams, and imaginations, our current outcomes become our harshest realities.”