Talks, Workshops, and More

An incomplete list of upcoming and past speaking engagements.



STRIVE - the 2019 UX Research Conference - “Don’t Start With Data: A Framework for Scoping Impactful Research”

One of the biggest mistakes researchers make when they start out in an industry setting is doing exactly what is asked of them and collecting the exact data a stakeholder wants. While this often highlights their ability to execute research, it also means that the research is often much less valuable than it could be, if at all.

In this talk, I share a framework for scoping impactful research that I’ve developed through learning from his own mistakes. I covers why doing the exact thing you're being asked is often not enough and provides the audience with tools for engaging with your team in order for everyone to become better producers and consumers of research overall.

Note: Strive will be held June 6-7, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario.


Designing 4 Digital - “Don’t Start with Data - A Primer on UX Research”

In this workshop, I covered principles of UX research and a framework for scoping projects, and then helped participants apply those principles and framework to their own research questions. Participants left with a stronger command of what good research is, how to do it, and why (or why not), as well as a project plan they could get started on. All participants were highly encouraged to come with at least one research question/area from their own work to use in the second part of the workshop.

Designing4Digital was held March 4-6, 2019 in Austin, Texas



MAEKAN: “Product Research Through Culture — Behzod Sirjani and How Slack Humanizes Work”

During a recent layover in Hong Kong, I had the chance to sit down with Eugene Kan of MAEKAN and talk about the impact of various forms of media on society, where and how I found formal education most helpful, and why more people need to give themselves permission to be vulnerable in service of growth.

Released: September 17, 2018.